Monday, 31 December 2012

Iphone 4/4s Ice Cream Melting Case review

So today I received my iPhone 4s case. My choice was $7 bought off (kinda like Ebay but Polish). The first picture is a true color.
This is how it looks in the packaging. 

And this is how it looks outside.

As you can see it consists of 2 parts. On the upper one is something spongy, 
probably to protect from shock, but I highly doubt so.
The lower part is very nice (the white one), it gives a solid plastic feel and it's matte.
The upper (pink) part is glossy and alone gives cheap plastic feel, but suddenly on iPhone it's pretty

When I put it on my iPhone it didn't fit on the buttons properly. But when I rearranged it, it was a bit better. Between the two parts is a 1mm space, visible especially on front.

Packaging: 4/5 was not so bad actually and was easy to open
Price: 5/5 I think for $7 with shipping it's worth every penny I spent
Quality: 4/5 It's not the best
Overall: 4.5/5 I'm very happy with this case and I think it looks very well on my phone c:

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A very lolita Christmas Tree

This season I decided my Xmas Tree be very feminine and I dressed it purple and silver.
It has Alice in the Wonderland and Fairies motives.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Taobao Wishlist - Going Classical #1

So I've been browsing Taobao in search for some fancy lolita dresses.

Found this beauty from Akane & Alois:
Classical Beauty
From the White Moon shop:
Umbrella print

Friday, 14 December 2012

Bodyline, seriously?

So in case you haven't been browsing Bodyline much.
Here's their new dress.
for $93 (plus $10 shipping).
Length 90cm
Bust 90-96cm
Waist 76-82cm
It's another Alice in Wonderland theme. The fabric is cute but is it $93 cute?
I'd save my money for Taobao brands. Especially the design is not really amazing?