Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Baby the Stars Shine Bright new reservations

Hello! So today when out of boredom I was checking BtSSB and AatP I discovered that on Friday they will be holding reservations!
Hooray or nay? Read yourselves.

Paraiso du un unicorn 

If you thought that AP does do the most lame prints, you were wrong. Actually this time Baby has showed us that we can't have enough of unicorns. And pastels. And cute T-shirts. And angels.
I have no idea what the designers of Baby had been thinking and/or drinking.
"It needs more unicorns!", "It needs more angels!", "Why not both?".

I mean... seriously?! What the... is this!? "Everything sells"?

Babydoll for fatty chans <3 I can see it getting sold out really fast :3

Brace yourself, replikas are coming!
And what kind of bag is it? Seriously?
Baby, you disappoint me
By the way this print reminds me of an already existing print by Alice and the Pirates - Night Fairy Fantasia
You know, they could have just re-released the print...

Second (and same disappointing) print is...
Icing Dancing Cake

I mean - Engrish much? Icing? Dancing? Keiku?

I could swear it looks like Bodyline!
It needs more frills and ribbons!
So tacky. It looks ridiculous! Those laces and ribbons... Looks like they couldn't decide which design of a shirt to choose so they made a portmanteau out of a shirt.

Is it just me or did really BtSSB go crazy this round? What do you think of these prints?