Monday, 31 December 2012

Iphone 4/4s Ice Cream Melting Case review

So today I received my iPhone 4s case. My choice was $7 bought off (kinda like Ebay but Polish). The first picture is a true color.
This is how it looks in the packaging. 

And this is how it looks outside.

As you can see it consists of 2 parts. On the upper one is something spongy, 
probably to protect from shock, but I highly doubt so.
The lower part is very nice (the white one), it gives a solid plastic feel and it's matte.
The upper (pink) part is glossy and alone gives cheap plastic feel, but suddenly on iPhone it's pretty

When I put it on my iPhone it didn't fit on the buttons properly. But when I rearranged it, it was a bit better. Between the two parts is a 1mm space, visible especially on front.

Packaging: 4/5 was not so bad actually and was easy to open
Price: 5/5 I think for $7 with shipping it's worth every penny I spent
Quality: 4/5 It's not the best
Overall: 4.5/5 I'm very happy with this case and I think it looks very well on my phone c:

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A very lolita Christmas Tree

This season I decided my Xmas Tree be very feminine and I dressed it purple and silver.
It has Alice in the Wonderland and Fairies motives.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Taobao Wishlist - Going Classical #1

So I've been browsing Taobao in search for some fancy lolita dresses.

Found this beauty from Akane & Alois:
Classical Beauty
From the White Moon shop:
Umbrella print

Friday, 14 December 2012

Bodyline, seriously?

So in case you haven't been browsing Bodyline much.
Here's their new dress.
for $93 (plus $10 shipping).
Length 90cm
Bust 90-96cm
Waist 76-82cm
It's another Alice in Wonderland theme. The fabric is cute but is it $93 cute?
I'd save my money for Taobao brands. Especially the design is not really amazing? 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chess Story Vs Baby the stars shine bright (AATP)

Oh yeah, Chess Story has pre-released new design of theirs.

Yes, apparently it comes with jewelry (if you want to pay extra for the whole set). For now the prerelease is sold out (!), so you will have to wait a moment before it (I hope?) gets released or rather re-released. 

This print totally reminded me of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's print (or AATP)

Galactic Journey to the Stars

I'm not sure how about you, but for me these prints are VERY similar. Even the colourway... although I must say that Chess Story did not make a replica - so it's fine and I love the gradient. I might get the navy colourway one day from them (maybe).

Friday, 9 November 2012

Innocent World Carriage Tassel vs Infanta Power and Throne

So, today my favourite classical lolita brand - Innocent World - has surprised me with their newest print.

Innocent World

It's name is quite lovely indeed, Carriage Tassel. No, it's not really original (not like BTSSB's or AP's names). We can assume it's all about Carriages (another Cinderella print?!) and tassels.
I can only say that tassels in a dress is not a common thing, and I'm not quite sure if I had seen any brand JSK or OP with tassels (I might be wrong, though).

It comes with standard brown and beige colourway (or rather IW's "chocolate" and "cream"), black and beige and – surprisingly – purple, and in 2 versions - short and long.
Short is being standard 93cm (55cm) long, whilst long is 108cm (68cm).

I'm sorry, Innocent World, with all the love you have from me, I must say that Infanta's newest print - Power and Throne - is so far more interesting.



It comes in 2 ways and in 3 colors - Dark Blue, Wine and White.


The price for them is quite decent, being ~$80. The material is velveteen. Embroidery can be either silver or gold.

Problems: bust again!

According to IW's site their dress is just max 98cm, when minimum is 85cm - which is quite a sad news to all the very thin and plus size lolis. 
Infantas XL size is 100cm (bust) and the material being velveteen is known for not stretching easily, leaving a very little breathing room for all those over 90cm bust. Sadly, Infanta does not do custom sizing.


I'd say that IW's print is quite lovely, but the carriage print has been for so many seasons now and together with Alice prints is getting a little bit annoying. Infanta's newest baby is ideal for Christmas season, being all velveteen and rather thick, as well as it will please all the A Game of Thrones fans.