Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chess Story Vs Baby the stars shine bright (AATP)

Oh yeah, Chess Story has pre-released new design of theirs.

Yes, apparently it comes with jewelry (if you want to pay extra for the whole set). For now the prerelease is sold out (!), so you will have to wait a moment before it (I hope?) gets released or rather re-released. 

This print totally reminded me of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's print (or AATP)

Galactic Journey to the Stars

I'm not sure how about you, but for me these prints are VERY similar. Even the colourway... although I must say that Chess Story did not make a replica - so it's fine and I love the gradient. I might get the navy colourway one day from them (maybe).

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  1. Ah! I agree with you! I have the Galactic Journey jsk, and I would also want the one from chess story too! They're both cute!