Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Baby the Stars Shine Bright new reservations

Hello! So today when out of boredom I was checking BtSSB and AatP I discovered that on Friday they will be holding reservations!
Hooray or nay? Read yourselves.

Paraiso du un unicorn 

If you thought that AP does do the most lame prints, you were wrong. Actually this time Baby has showed us that we can't have enough of unicorns. And pastels. And cute T-shirts. And angels.
I have no idea what the designers of Baby had been thinking and/or drinking.
"It needs more unicorns!", "It needs more angels!", "Why not both?".

I mean... seriously?! What the... is this!? "Everything sells"?

Babydoll for fatty chans <3 I can see it getting sold out really fast :3

Brace yourself, replikas are coming!
And what kind of bag is it? Seriously?
Baby, you disappoint me
By the way this print reminds me of an already existing print by Alice and the Pirates - Night Fairy Fantasia
You know, they could have just re-released the print...

Second (and same disappointing) print is...
Icing Dancing Cake

I mean - Engrish much? Icing? Dancing? Keiku?

I could swear it looks like Bodyline!
It needs more frills and ribbons!
So tacky. It looks ridiculous! Those laces and ribbons... Looks like they couldn't decide which design of a shirt to choose so they made a portmanteau out of a shirt.

Is it just me or did really BtSSB go crazy this round? What do you think of these prints?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Infanta Vs Angelic Pretty

Another showdown!

This time Infanta with "Playground print" 
Angelic Pretty and Chocolate Rosette.

Chocolate Rosette has been my dream print for ages, but since I'm tall (5"8) I would look ridiculous in this dress. But there comes Infanta with their - VERY - similar print they have released yesterday. I can't decide wether to order a replica (which would be longer on me and hence looking better than original burando) or go for original print from the indie brand.

The colours of Infanta's print are very similar to AP's, but instead of ivory we get black.
Chocolate Rosette in brown
Playground in brown
Okay, the similarities here aren't really visible. Both have different looks (this time Infanta is more sweet than AP?!) and the jsks look totally different. But! There is also a salopette version.
CR salopette in red
Playground salopette in red
Green versions:
Different colorways:
Infanta JSK
Infanta OP in blue/navy
Chocolate Rosette in navy
Infanta has released a beret too.
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette beret in red
Infanta Playground beret in red
Angelic Pretty skirt (red)
Infanta skirt (red)
The price of Chocolate Rosette is about ~$400 whilst Infanta releases their design for 488CNY (~$80).

The quality of Infanta dresses is really high actually. I  own one of their dresses (the (in)famous Alice print, which I'm going to review later) and I find the fabric really decent and the whole piece is very well made!

Thanks for reading~

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Infanta, Red Maria and AgencyTaobao review

Yesterday came my EMS parcel. I have ordered it on 24/11/2012 but because of some problems my order was closed on 11/12/2012.

On 19/12/2012 I had it sent via EMS.
It didn't appear here til 10/01/2013 though.

Communication: 2/5 I wanted to give 1/5 because the communication was really bad, but Lily from the Agency was actually helpful. For my 7 questions only 1 was answered. If you don't need to contact the seller, you can use AgencyTaobao, but if you want custom sizing and other requests – you should keep away from them.

Shipping: 2/5 Expensive (270 CNY) and slow. Note to myself: never order via EMS again. But the other option was not really cheaper, so I paid about additional 40 CNY for EMS.

Package: 5/5 I have no idea how I managed to open the parcel. It was covered in a tape. Thankfully all the items were packed great and each item was in alone plastic bag.

Magic Tea Party cape, Infanta Alice JSK+Headdress,
Alice tights, RedMaria head accesories

Magic Tea Party 
Unfortunately it doesn't look good on me. I have a feeling it's a bit too small for me and the hood looks just... weird.  But overall it's an amazing piece! It came with spare bow button and detachable bow.
Here is stock picture of it. 

Infanta Vatican tower the LOLITA the * checkerboard Geailisi printing
 I need to do a vast review about Infanta dress. It's size L, and I wouldn't find myself in size M. It is very thick and the material is amazing! I look very well in it. However, the stretching shirring is a little bit too big for my 92-bust so I will need to cut the upper shirring a little bit. The material is a little bit shiny and smooth in touch. The zip isn't the highest quality, and this might not be brand quality, but isn't really much worse!

RedMaria chocolate headdress and fur ball
Alice tights

Small accessories. I bought just one hairball clip because I thought I would use it for my cape. I'm not sure if I want to keep the cape. For now I'm keeping it but I'm also thinking of selling it.

As to the headband the quality isn't really amazing and I need to glue the upper chocolate.

Alice tights are amazing! They are very solid and I can't wait to wear them with the dress!

Communication: 2/5
Shipping: 2/5
Package: 5/5
Overall: 3/5 I'd give them solid 4 but because of really slow communication and many of my questions unanswered, I will leave that 3.

Thank you for reading my review!