Thursday, 17 January 2013

Infanta Vs Angelic Pretty

Another showdown!

This time Infanta with "Playground print" 
Angelic Pretty and Chocolate Rosette.

Chocolate Rosette has been my dream print for ages, but since I'm tall (5"8) I would look ridiculous in this dress. But there comes Infanta with their - VERY - similar print they have released yesterday. I can't decide wether to order a replica (which would be longer on me and hence looking better than original burando) or go for original print from the indie brand.

The colours of Infanta's print are very similar to AP's, but instead of ivory we get black.
Chocolate Rosette in brown
Playground in brown
Okay, the similarities here aren't really visible. Both have different looks (this time Infanta is more sweet than AP?!) and the jsks look totally different. But! There is also a salopette version.
CR salopette in red
Playground salopette in red
Green versions:
Different colorways:
Infanta JSK
Infanta OP in blue/navy
Chocolate Rosette in navy
Infanta has released a beret too.
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette beret in red
Infanta Playground beret in red
Angelic Pretty skirt (red)
Infanta skirt (red)
The price of Chocolate Rosette is about ~$400 whilst Infanta releases their design for 488CNY (~$80).

The quality of Infanta dresses is really high actually. I  own one of their dresses (the (in)famous Alice print, which I'm going to review later) and I find the fabric really decent and the whole piece is very well made!

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