Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Taobao finds #2: cute bags and tights

So today I have browsed through TB and found some cute bags.
Will suit cute and sweets lolitas c:

Please note: I'm NOT selling these bags nor am I a SS (Shopping Service).
If you have bought any of these bags I would love to read your review!

Hello Kitty and Bunny bag

It's preorder, total cost ~100 CNY + shipping (~$20 for a bag + $10-15 shipping)

Biscuit bag 
Biscuit bag, available colors: bordeaux, navy, black, tan
Different store (same bag)
Round (and another) biscuit bag with Engrish

Also if you are reading this, could you help me identify this Taobao handbag?
Taken from Loli-loli paradise

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