Friday, 14 December 2012

Bodyline, seriously?

So in case you haven't been browsing Bodyline much.
Here's their new dress.
for $93 (plus $10 shipping).
Length 90cm
Bust 90-96cm
Waist 76-82cm
It's another Alice in Wonderland theme. The fabric is cute but is it $93 cute?
I'd save my money for Taobao brands. Especially the design is not really amazing? 


  1. Just wait 3 month then the dress will be cheaper! :) It's always like this on Bodyline X_X

    1. Well, even if they dropped the price to like $60, I do still think it's too much ; - ; Quality may be good, but I'd rather save up for Infanta or R-series dress than get myself into this particular BL jsk, don't you think so too? c:

  2. Nice print, but I don't think it's worth it either... Bodyline gets a bit crazy with their prices sometimes. D:

    1. Yes it sadly is ;w; and I wonder, how in ... they got the idea to go almost $100?! I remember when people used to say BL is cheap ;w;